Radiation Equipment Exposure

Radiation Equipment Exposure.

  1. Simulators- Simulator C.T. (Phabeus Mecaserto), C.T Simulator  (Somatom    Emotion).
  2. Tele Cobalt- Theratron 780, Theratron 780 E.
  3.  LINACS- Varian DBX, 40P MLCs, (6MV), Varian DHX (6&15. MVs) ,Siemens Primus and Primus Plus (dual energy) Capable of delivering IMRT.  , Electron –6,9,12,15 & 18.MeVs.
  4. IGRT

GAMMA KNIFE, PROTON THERAPY(M.D Anderson Cancer Centre Houston , Texas, U.S.A)   ONLY FEMALE  INDIAN 

  1. Brachytherapy- Nucleoteron, Microselectron HDR.
  2.  Mould Room.