Position: Professor [M.D Radiotherapy] Cancer Research Institute, Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU)Swami Rama Nagar, Dehradun,INDIA. Cancer Research institute with SRHU 1000 beded hospital with tertiary care facility. Examiner: Post graduate M.D Radiotherapy, Paramedical Radiotherapy Service Selection for Technologist in Radiology as External Expert in Renowned Institute IIT Roorki Chairman: Neurooncology Services CRI, SRHU. Qualification: MBBS including Internship: Govt Medical College, Jammu, INDIA. Field Medical Officer: 1999-2002. M.D Radiotherapy: SKIMS, Srinagar,INDIA March 2006. Externship: SKIMS, Srinagar,INDIA March 2006. Senior Resident: SKIMS, Srinagar,INDIA till December, 2008. International Fellowship: M.D Anderson Cancer Centre Houston , Texas, U.S.A

Cancer. The very word conjures up visions of pain and suffering. If any disease has made itself an enemy of man, it is this one. Cancer may come in many forms but its outcome has always been damaging. The medical fraternity counts cancer as its greatest foe.

Dr. Meenu Gupta

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